Friday, June 5, 2015

Fallout: Arkham? The Haunter of the Vault?

I mentioned on Wednesday that there wasn't anything Lovecraftian about Fallout 4, but I may have been mistaken. 

Take this with a, an entire bucket filled with salt.  I was contacted by an anonymous source who claims to have knowledge of the project.   According to them there is a non-trivial amount of Lovecraft-related material in the main game, and more is included as part of at least one DLC package.

If true, it's something I'm very happy to hear.

That said, I have considerable doubts about the validity of that information.  For one thing, leaking it  is what video game developers refer to as "a career ending move".   Talking about it is a huge risk in light of the NDAs signed by everyone involved with the actual game.  Beyond that, with all the media attention the trailer generated there's a huge demand for more information about the game.  To be quite honest, this isn't the venue to release a tidbit like that.  Not when you could contact someone at a major website and create a firestorm of attention by leaking it to them. 

But man, it would be really cool if it's true.


Rob said...

Given the Lovecraftian elements in Fallout 3, especially the DLC, and in Oblivion, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Propnomicon said...

@ Rob

I agree. I went into Fallout 3 cold and was surprised at how effective *that* storyline was. With Fallout 4's Boston setting the map will likely cover most, if not all, of "Lovecraft Country", giving Bethesda's in-house Lovecraft fans a golden opportunity.

Noah Stevens said...

Innsmouth after the bomb!

Raven said...

Not to mention that Great Cthulhu Himself is lurking in the pond on the other side of those Lustron-paneled houses you see people running past in that still. Talk about dead giveaways!