Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dem Bones

Copper Centipede is back with a new selection of Mythos items in a bone finish.  I'm a big fan of his sculpts, and the miniature figures in bone would make great faux-netsuke props.

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Raven said...

There is a bit of a mystery in this scenario: who broke off a piece from the large central platter, notably NOT including any of the star-shaped figure?

The small piece sitting next to that broken-off fragment, the piece reminiscent of a wolf or perhaps a gigantic hound, seems happy that it's there, almost ready to play with it, but he and the other figures his size are too small on their own, singly, to have broken it off.

Perhaps the somewhat larger piece now on the opposite side, slightly resembling a winged figure with tentacles coming from his face? -- oh no, let's be real, that's either a squirrel or a fox with a bushy tail, and the pointed nose weighs in favor of a fox, either way a playful prankster as likely to break something as anyone....

But it's not the likeliest suspect, after all. The star-shaped being itself has been bound on that slab by that circle, and now it has begun to break free.