Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taint of the Wolf

The latest bits for the Viking Mythos project veer into more traditional Norse culture.  The Úlfhednar were berserker warriors who embraced the spirit of the wolf, as opposed to the more traditional bear.  Historically, the transformation was assisted by donning pelts and body parts from wolves.

I want to take that idea and give it more of a Mythos spin.   These coyote teeth, stand-ins for the far more expensive wolf teeth, will be part of a ritual fetish.  I'm envisioning a pelt adorned with teeth and claws.  Tying that imagery back into the Mythos, I'm planning to put together the accoutrements for whipping up the Draught of Ubbo-Sathla.  That Elder God's protoplasmic, ever-shifting nature seems like a good match for the "truth" behind the Viking legends.


Zero Mostel said...

The Draught of Ubbo-Sathla? Now there is an idea I would love to see more of. I googled it just after I read it, and found ... nothing!

I find it odd that if I come up with something like this, I find it distasteful and boring, but when someone else spawns such an idea, it is far more worthy. Be that as it may, I will enjoy finding out what this draught entials, what it does and what it is made from.


Anonymous said...

They're nice and all, and real, but they're far too clean looking.

Propnomicon said...

@ Zero Mostel

Thank you for the kind words. If "Brew Space Mead" can be a spell, I'm cool with serving up all kinds of eldritch cocktails.


Oh, I totally agree. Nothing has been aged yet.

JoshT said...

The variety of teeth and claws you can buy online is wonderful. I purchased some wolf/coyote teeth to make a necklace of el chupacabra teeth for a samurai cowboy costume.

JoshT said...

The variety of teeth and claws you can buy online are really wonderful. I've purchased some coyote teeth to make a necklace of el chubacabra teeth for a costume.