Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dowsing Pendulum

James Ewing returns to our pages with the Wildwood Dowsing Pendulum.  It features cast bronze metalwork and a central crystal of nuummite.

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CoastConFan said...

The bronze frame for this stone gives it a truly esoteric and the use of a rare stone makes this a truly unique item. The nice thing is that the pendant was constructed in a culturally neutral way, so that it really could work as a prop in a variety of setting. I also like the moving concentric rings like an armillary sphere. Then again I have always been a sucker for early navigation and star mapping aids.

According to Wikipedia, Nuummite as formed about 2.5 billion plus years ago, making it some of the oldest existent rock around. It’s a shame that the images don’t show the iridescence very well. Considering that it was only discovered in 1810, I don’t see it being connected to Medieval magic or alchemy as purported, but it is a beautiful stone. The previous great difficulty in acquiring Nuummite and remoteness/accessibility of the site just adds a bit more to the backstory. Another stone for a project like this would be Labradorite or Spectralite, which has high iridescence for a bit more showiness.