Sunday, September 22, 2013


The improbably-named Fifi Colston brings us this helpful bit of magic- turning bubble wrap into blisters. I love finding little gems like this on craft sites that normally specialize in projects best described as "precious" and "adorable". Heh.

If you're the type that loves to go over the top you could even make these poppable. Just inject it with fluid using a syringe and then seal it up with a dab of liquid latex. The best budget "goo" for that kind of thing is probably cornstarch and water with a few drops of food coloring.

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CoastConFan said...

Nice. These little jewels are much like the ones we made for military exercises to simulate skin damage from blister agents. We didn’t have a make up kit to simulate wounds so we improvised a lot. Since our “victims” were not up walking around we used a technique that doesn’t hold quite as well on ambulatory types.

We used a small dab of Vaseline, covered by a piece t of Kleenex, forming a blister because the Kleenex becomes translucent. Using some washable color we simulated redness around the blister and a bit of yellow on the blister itself, upped the squitch factor a bit. The only problem is that you can’t easily run around much as they would slide around if you moved vigorously.

Another bit of fun at casualty exercises was simulating being a victim of nerve agents with violent twitching. Just don’t let some idiot try to administer a real autoinjector to the faux victim. So you can see that zombie apocalypse and costuming just comes naturally for me.

A nice kit for simulating damage, but you can do it yourself