Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Innsmouth Look

Artist Russ Lukich brings us this full sized denizen of Innsmouth. It was one of the featured pieces at the Conjoined 3 Art Show at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Via VenomVyxen.


Unknown said...

wow, nice! Looking at this I suddenly (albeit very late in comming) realize the close similarity between the Innsmouth look and the 80's horror movie C.H.U.D. Do you know if Innsmouth the inspiration for the movie?

Schlitzie said...

That is so incredibly disturbing and awesome! He looks so slimy. I don't think the wife would ever let me have something like that in the house,hehe.

Tiger Langley said...

Funny... my boyfriend said he wouldn't let him in our house ... unless I make him tacos. So I replied "fish tacos...?"
No got my joke :( and I still don't have that final piece of decor that says welcome to my home.