Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Call of the Wild

Artist "nashoba-hostina" brings us this intriguing "Lycanthrope Case". I was a little torn about posting this, since there are some elements I outright don't like. There's just a bit too much Furry influence for my taste. On the other hand, some of the individual elements are outstanding.

I'm sure my mixed feelings about the case are from my personal preference for a more realistic approach toward faux occult props. I want some grunge and grime mixed in with a naturalistic depiction of werewolves. The artist clearly prefers a more anime/Furry influenced approach, and from that perspective they knocked the ball out of the park.

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Nicholas Storm said...

That's a really great effort with some great props. I like the various and sundry bottles. That's the same case featured in my Vampire / Holy water expo but mocked up with compartments. Very nicely done.
I don't see too much furry-fascination. The 1980's prop knife is pretty rough but otherwise...LIKE.