Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map

If you could use some pointers on creating prop maps I heartily recommend a visit to the Cartographer's Guild. Inside you'll find a thriving community of mapmakers crafting fantasy maps of every kind, from recreations of ancient world maps to detailed deckplans for starships. What I find particularly nice about the forum is that it has material and tutorials for folks using free and open source programs like Gimp and Inkscape in addition to the higher end ($$$) mapmaking and graphics program.

This sample map from the tutorial on creating antique-style maps gives you an idea of the level of quality you'll find. The detailed instructions make it easy for anyone to create fantastic maps without having to spend a big chunk of change.


Rev. Marx said...

I'm a big fan of making fantasy maps. I do it quite a lot for my D&D games. For the benefit of your readers, I'm a huge fan of NBOS software's Fractal Mapper (Http:// It is one of the only programs I have ever paid money for, and it's not very expensive. Much less expensive than Campaign Cartographer. For a free alternative that works very similarly (though I still prefer FM), check out AutoRealm ( Both are very good programs for mapping that give professional results and are cheap (or free).

Propnomicon said...

I took a look at the Fractal Mapper page and it looks very impressive. It's amazing how easy technology makes it for amateurs to produce truly quality work. Experience and creativity still matter, of course, but the tools are more accessible than ever before.