Sunday, September 14, 2008

Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition Patch Now Available

In 1930 an expedition from Miskatonic University arrived in the Antarctic. Shortly thereafter a remote survey camp began exploring a newly discovered chain of mountains and radioed back the details of an incredible discovery.

Hours later, every man in the camp was dead.

The controversy over what happened to the poor souls in that isolated outpost still rages today. Where they killed by a freakishly powerful storm, as the official inquiry ruled? Or were they the victims of a mass, homicidal rage induced by tainted food, as some have suggested? And what of the mysterious discovery they claimed to have made shortly before radio contact was lost?

Those questions may never be answered, but now you can own a small piece of that ill-fated expedition's history: the famed "Wings Over Antarctica" Miskatonic University Expedition Patch.

Each 4"(10cm) diameter patch has an iron-on backing so they can easily be attached to the garment of your choice. The price for European customers is slightly higher because of the increased cost of shipping.


ZenWired said...

Beautiful patch. However...

I'm not seeing a trademark comment here, so I'm guessing that you're not aware that "Miskatonic University" is a trademark belonging to Chaosium. You may want to check with them regarding this (and any future cool props) just to steer clear of any potential infringement issues.

Amanda said...

Just received the patches...fantastic! Now I just have to pick out a jacket to sew one on. Then I need to continue organizing my 2009 expedition to the Teng Plateau...any volunteers?

The Malum said...

I love the patches! Nicely done, sir!

I wouldn't worry too much about Chaosium. "Miskatonic University" is not a trademark of Chaosium's, no matter who's making the claim. As the copyright status of Lovecraft's works appears to have lapsed (based on the researches of S. T. Joshi), you're probably in the clear.

kitty cutts said...

the patch is beautiful, but excuse my textile ignorance: is this supposed to be iron on, or does it have to be sewn?


Propnomicon said...

It is indeed an iron on. As much as I respect the folks who can handle a needle and thread I'm not amongst their number.

Anonymous said...

Radiate, vegetable, monstrosity, star spawn - whatever he had been, he was a genius!

I cannot tell you how insanely cool the actual patch is. My day is complete.

Alfonso said...


I would like to buy a pair of these fantastic patches. Do you still have any? Thank you in advance.