Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Bone Cthulhu Pendant

Bone pendant depicting the head of the god Cthulhu.  Of Icelandic origin, found on the coast of Ísafjörður.  Auctioned by Miskatonic University in 1931 and held by a private collector to the present.  Size 20x48x13 mm.
This beautiful bone Cthulhu pendant comes to us from the Miskatonic Auction Project.  As someone who has tried to sculpt a minimalist, stylized Cthulhu I want to point out just how difficult a piece like this is.  Without the ornate textures of most sculpts you need to have a lot of skill to pull it off.

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De Profundis said...

YES! 100% yes! I said the previous Cthulhu was up my alley, this one IS my alley! I need to get some bone...