Monday, July 15, 2019

The Innsmouth Collection

Sweet fancy Moses, this is a treat.  Two of the best Mythos artists around, Jason McKittrick and Gage Prentiss, have teamed up to bring us this collection of artifacts from the infamous Innsmouth raid.  You can see them all at the Ars Necronomica art show in conjunction with NecronomiCon Providence.


Don Simpson said...

I love the shark tooth push dagger, but my favorite Innsmourh jeweler remains SoMK. said...

SFM! ;D Word on the street is that THE statue of Providence's Favorite Son (NO, not Buddy Cianci) by Gage might be making an appearance in conjunction with this gig as well...Other Propnomicon stalwarts sech as Thee Karen Main and Joe Broers have pieces coming too.

Again, thanks to YOUR site for helping Up The Aesthetic!
The joey Zone
Co-Curator, Ars Necronomica
NecronomiCon Providence 2019