Saturday, September 1, 2018

Nirichaen Font

Pieter Rottiers is the creator of the Nirichaen alphabet, a conscript based on one of the languages in his personal fantasy world. Created glyph fonts like this are ideal for prop use, since they're obscure enough to be unrecognizable while still mapping directly to conventional text characters.


Don Simpson said...

Lots of such scripts are beautiful, but so complex or precise as to be either impossible or extremely difficult to write. This is nicely aesthetic and coherent in design, and also very writable.

David G. said...

Lovely! Is this based on Georgian Mkhadruli script?

Pieter Rottiers said...

Hah, this is cool! I created that script like a million years ago! To answer David's question: it was an attempt at copying the handwriting of my female classmates, nothing more. All I did was turn each of the glyphs 90° to the right, and "roundify" them. If you tilt your head to the right, you should be able to read the text with some effort.