Monday, June 11, 2018

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Bethesda debuted Fallout 76 last night at E3.  The good news is that they're going to be doing another prop-centric special edition, this time with a really fantastic T-51b power armor helmet, West-Tek gear bag, and some other cool goodies.  It's a great follow up to the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition from 2015.  Hopefully we won't see the quality control issues that plagued that effort.

The bad news is the game is an online only survival sim without any traditional quests or storyline.  Oh, and it includes mandatory PvP.  Bleh.

Update:  This.  This so much.


Mr. Primate said...

Not mandatory PvP apparently. Single player is available, also mods down the line. Also Bethesda's next big new property Starfield is confirmed as single player. I'm not giving up all hope on them just yet.

xxstyxx said...

Nope, not singleplayer, its "Solo Play". It means you have to be online with others BUT you can run around alone. Its like playing a MMO without a group. -.-

The Last Northumbrian said...

There's also going to be the ability to find unused nukes and use them against other groups/clans/individuals. Taking a reasonably toxic community and giving them free rein with WMDs? What a terrible idea. Can't wait to start it up as one bloke in a leather jacket with a nail board and get set upon by twelve assholes in power armour with railguns.

Anonymous said...

I miss RPG elements