Friday, April 6, 2018

The Tree of Life

This amazing piece of work comes to us from artist Oskars Pantelejevs. The Tree of Life is a conjectural occult item intended as the McGuffin in an Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider style movie. The design and craftsmanship is wonderful, but it's also mechanized- the tree actually unfolds to reveal the glowing gem contained by the filagreed branches.


Scott Frazier said...

Not a fan of the heart shaped gem. A rough style stone would be better(just my PERSONAL opinion). But the actual device is beautiful. Id love to have one.

terrifel said...

It is an amazing piece of work. I dunno how sold I am on the Valentine heart-shaped stone, though. It'd be the perfect occult artifact for a movie where Hellboy teams up with the My Little Ponies.

Plague said...

Boy do I want this