Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Back to the Mountains of Madness

As a screaming fanboy of H. P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness" you can imagine my reaction to the brand new Kickstarter from Alberto Cano of the Cthulhu Project. As part of the Make/100 program he's offering up two beautiful sculptures inspired by the story- an Elder Thing, and one of the disturbing albino penguins that feature prominently in the story. The gifted Marta Lopez sculpted the masters for both figures, and hand paints each one in the limited edition.

As always, I feel it necessary to point out that Mr. Cano has a proven track record on Kickstarter. Over the years he's managed multiple projects successfully, handily avoiding the curse that afflicts far too many Mythos efforts. Most importantly, he keeps patrons updated on the progress of his projects.

If you have the slightest hesitation about signing on to this effort I would suggest looking through the comments to his previous Kickstarters.  Browsing through his other projects will show steady body of repeat participants in each project, the surest sign of a happy backer.

And just look at that penguin!  How can you resist a trip Back to the Mountains of Madness?


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Christian Brandt-Hansen said...

That penguin! Couldn't resist it. Thanks for the tip.