Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gearing Up

Please join me in welcoming Stefano Meo of Meo Leathercraft as Propnomicon's latest sponsor.

He's no stranger to these pages.  I featured his LARP alchemist's kit last year after being thoroughly impressed by both his craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Kits like that are a regular feature here, but his work stood out because of its comprehensiveness.  The included items featured a unified color and design theme, something rare in most assembled projects.  More importantly, it was functional.  The accoutrements were all strapped in or nestled in purpose-built containers.  It wasn't just a display piece, despite the stunning good looks, but something that was actually intended to be used.

His Etsy storefront features more of the kits that first caught my attention, along with a variety of bags, pouches, custom drinking horns, and other items.  Many are intended for LARP use, but you'll also find contemporary items like smartphone covers, journals, and notepads.  As you can see from the reviews they all have the same high level of quality.

As a customer myself I can heartily endorse his work and personally recommend his products.  To further entice your patronage you can get 10% off any order by using code "PROPNOMICON". 

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