Saturday, June 10, 2017

Casting the Bones

This creepy little set of casting runes comes to us from Andrea Falaschi.  The grimy finish gives them a wonderfully aged and icky appearance.


Anonymous said...

Nice weathering on the box and runes!

CoastConFan said...

I like the overall aspect, but the phillips head screws just scream post WWII. Actually they were invented by a Dr Thompson, but that's another story. An easy fix to hide the slots is to just fill them in to make a smooth surface. The finish on the bones do make them look greasy and old.

macmet said...

Overall it's appropriately gruesome, and the runes look really nice, but personally, I'm allergic to modern Phillips-screw heads used in supposedly vintage props. Details such as this break the illusion (at least for the nitpicky kind of people, like myself), and you can easily replace the screws with simple nails or studs (or at least make them less obvious with rust/grime/weathering).