Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Axe Me No Questions

Sander Propworx have outdone themselves with this LARP safe foam axe. The level of detail is just amazing.


gndn said...

The texture (carving? sculpting?) and paint on that is just fantastic!

Joseph Hallam said...

Wow. Larp weapons just keep looking more and more realistic.

CoastConFan said...

This is an absolutely masterful prop and simulation of an actual ax. The incidental dings, the malletization on the butt, and the blurred touch marks on the metal show a good attention to detail. But even more so, the faux corrosion transference to the wood and the simulated chipping on the ends of the shaft, makes the whole thing “real” on a minute scale.

It’s all very believable and exhibits an intimate understanding about the materials simulated. It shows a tremendous mastery of subject presentation with a plethora of aggregate visual clues that fools the eye that foam and plastic are really metal and wood. I’ve really been pleased with some of the foam LARP gear artists are producing the past couple of years.