Friday, May 6, 2016

Baybayin Font

Norman de los Santos brings us this custom font for Baybayin, an ancient language used by South Seas islanders.  Like all obscure language fonts it's easily re-purposed for prop use.


CoastConFan said...

If you are interested in Pacific islander scripts, you might consider Rongorongo for your next project. It’s an extinct glyph language used on Easter Island by a class of rulers/priests called Long Ears. The font for the Rongorongo language is here\

I have had an interest in Thor Heyerdahl’s work since I was young. The Kon-Tiki expedition, the Rapa Nui expedition as well as the two Ra expeditions when were daring anthropology and archeological experiments. Mind you much of his theories have been shown to be incorrect over the years, but his theories with early vessels and then actually sailing them to their destinations is a whole new world of exploring. It’s something to keep in mind when propping up the Mythos.

Steven Long said...

OK, that's just plain awesome for all sorts of mystic manuscripts and weird Cthuloid grimoires. ;)

Steven Long said...

OK, that's awesome for mystic manuscripts and Cthulhoid grimoires. Great work!

Raven said...

"... Baybayin, an ancient language used by South Seas islanders."

Ummm. Baybayin by itself is just an alphabet for the Tagalog language of the Philippines — which are usually described as being in "South East Asia" or "the Western Pacific" but not as "South Seas island[er]s"... the latter generally referring to Polynesia.