Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Viking Key

This recreation of a historic Viking key comes to us from Peregrine Studios.  It's cast in pewter from a mold taken from an actual artifact.

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CoastConFan said...

This key really strikes home for me, as I’ve been interested in early locks for years. Before the internet, information was hard to gather and most museums didn’t bother to exhibit keys and locks as they weren’t “high art” enough. These days there is a lot of great information available to the average person on the web.

http://www.historicallocks.com/Web/Core/Pages/InfoPage.aspx?id=798642&epslanguage=en clicking on the links on this site will give you some images of some really outstanding ancient locks and keys.






127 page PDF about Roman locks and keys http://www.academia.edu/7078131/A_Typology_of_Roman_Locks_and_Keys

Book: On the Development and Distribution of Primitive Locks and Keys