Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fallout Posters

MattTheKid brings us close to a dozen posters from the Fallout universe.  A few are based on in-game images, but the majority are well thought out conjectural pieces. 

Words cannot describe how much anticipation I have for the rumored announcement of Fallout 4 next month.  Since downloading "Fallout: New Vegas" during Christmas vacation last year I've become a fan of open world games, but I keep coming back to Vegas as the high-water mark of the genre.  In a perfect world Bethesda would release a game that combines the history and lore of Fallout with the environmental mayhem of something like "Just Cause 2" or "Grand Theft Auto V".

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Anonymous said...

That Poseidon one is really nice; though I will note that for Odysseus and his crew, the Odyssey was quite unpleasant...