Friday, July 19, 2013

Sculpting Tentacles

The Eye of Error serves up this excellent tutorial on sculpting tentacles.  It's aimed at miniature enthusiasts customizing figures, but the basic technique can just as easily be used with polymer clay or cold porcelain for prop idols and statuettes.


The Eye of Error said...

Thanks for the link back :)

But it's "Eye of Error"

Propnomicon said...

Sweet fancy Moses, my apologies.

DarkShadows said...

Sweet, question - do you suppose this tutorial would be of use for making a set of finger-sized tentacles for a cosplay? I could easily imagine with a little effort and adapting, these would make nice tentacles for a glove.

Propnomicon said...


Hard materials would be problematic for a costume. The saran wrap and latex technique should be just what you're looking for: