Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Sea Bat

Professional gaff artist Rick LaRue brings us this curious aquatic specimen- the Sea Bat. I'm amused that its name also hints at the creatures that went into creating it.

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CoastConFan said...

The Sea Bat is a highly clever work of art. He should tackle Moonbats from The Great Moon Hoax of 1835, as there are some outstanding steel engravings on the net of this fanciful and widespread hoax. You really need to visit his website which is a cornucopia of cryptozoological treasures and a must visit for the gaff collector.

Rick has an outstanding collection and it should be ensconced in an appropriate museum of oddities. For an extra quarter you get to see The Thing, which is accessed by a long dark corridor and a sudden drop down a vertical shaft some 125 feet. So with two broken legs you get to feed The Thing. The proprietor then simply pillages the travelers’ belongings and pushes the stripped car off a cliff. Next!

This scenario can be approached a few different ways. Investigators can just be following up missing person’s reports; cops looking into car chop shops find that the parts are being received from a mysterious source. Unwary civilians fall into the trap and by luck survive intact in a subterranean labyrinth that contains a myriad of horrors and ancient ruins. The secret is to approach obliquely and never let the players know if this is genuine Cthonian stuff or a deranged lunatic or just a criminal activity. Being unsure from the beginning as to what exactly is happening makes the scenario much more enjoyable for everybody.