Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Men in Black. No, Really.

As a collector of fantasy fonts for prop use I'm always on the prowl for interesting new typefaces. This is a great little font I stumbled across yesterday, even though it's been around for over a decade.  I found it using an image search and thought it had a wonderfully flowing, alien look to it.  Imagine my surprise to discover the font is based on the lettering used by Burger King for "Men in Black II" toy meals.  Despite it's amusing origins it has a unique look and a complete glyph set that make it ideal for eldritch text.


Phil said...

Cool. It has sort of a Mayan feel to it.

CoastConFan said...

It's cute, but it has set me to wondering about what an alien language set would look like.

If it were ideograms, then it might prove impossible to crack without a bridge language. Mayan proved to be numbers, syllables with a mix of ideograms and special use symbols. It too proved tough until they realized it must be closely associated with the local language.

Funny how long it took for archeologists took to figure that out since ancient Egyptian and modern Coptic was associated and understood for over a century.

Propnomicon said...

@ Phil

I hadn't noticed that initially, but it does mimic some of the brush flourishes of Mayan artwork.

@ CoastConFan

Have you looked at any of the constructed languages (conlang) sites? There are some really creative artificial languages on display.

Laura Morrigan said...

It also looks a bit like leeches or worms. I guess that makes it even better.