Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Tóbal brings us this very well done unidentified marine fetus. The specimen itself is outstanding, but the accessories really take it to the next level.


Phil said...

Thanks for another great link. I love the decorative border on his jar label. And lots of other Some great ideas to be found in this gentleman's gallery.

Just reminds me how much I've been slacking creatively of late. :-/

DrPnakotic said...

Interesting and simplistic way of making a thing in a jar. Looks like he mainly just used super sculpey and gave it a rather light paint job (Though it also looks like he might have used a heat source to make it darker in some places.) with some glossy finish.

Tóbal said...

Thanks for linking my creatures!
And yes , it is Sculpey with some colour and liquid sculpey in some points.