Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Necronomicon, Valdemar Edition

Robert Olmstead of Innsmouthmania was kind enough to bring the design work for the Spanish film "La Herencia Valdemar" and it's sequel to my attention. One of the standout props from the series is their version of the Necronomicon, a massive tome incorporating a mixture of Mythos material and traditional occult symbolism.

For some reason the cover of the Valdemar Necronomicon looked very familiar, but it wasn't until this afternoon that I was able to remember why. It's based on the cover design of the titular book in the 1993 "Necronomicon" anthology film starring Jeffrey Combs. Here's the tome from that film.


Pam Morris said...

gorgeous work!

Tóbal said...

I saw first movie... now I had to see second one.
Althought I´m spanish , I am not fan of spanish movies at all ... normally the scifi in spanish cinema is low represented.This is one exception but... some points of the movie are really low cost.Interpretation is rather poor and many things like that... Don´t know how "La sombra prohibida" Valdemar II is ... only know about a cgi Cthulhu quite good...