Saturday, October 4, 2008

1855 Antarctic Map

I probably won't be able to post anything tomorrow, so I wanted to get this up today.

Not to give any spoilers, but if you're running an adventure that might be enhanced by a map of Antarctica from the mid 1800's this may be useful. As usual, click through for the full size version. It's around 11" by 12" at 300 dpi and should be printed out on at least an 11" by 17" sheet of paper. Smaller than that and the writing becomes difficult to read. It even comes pre-aged!

Spoilers Ahead!

Spoilers Ahead!

You have been warned!

During the running of "Beyond the Mountains of Madness" this map was included with the papers relating to Mr. Pym's long lost scribblings, with "It changed!" scrawled on the back.

Update: In response to an emailed question, this isn't something I created. It's a scan of an actual map.

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